How to create a brand protection ad on Adwords

By Tom Benattar
July 16, 2022

Campaign Set Up

If you already know how to setup an ad on AdWords, please follow this setup:

  • Goal: Website traffic.
  • Campaign type: Search (only).
  • Campaign name: '[Brand protection] Your brand name'.
  • Exclude Search Network & Display Network.
  • Locations: Select locations to monitor in this countries & launch your ad - All countries and territories is not supported.
  • Languages: Select languages if you want to exclude some languages in locations selected. Can be all language;
  • Budget: setup the daily budget to protect your brand.
  • Bidding: Select a bid strategy directly --> Manual CPC. Exclude the Help increase conversions with Enhanced CPC
  • Default bid: $0.50 (or more depending of your brand).
  • Keywords: Only your brand name with exact match. E.g. [apple] [Apple]
  • Ad copy: we recommend to include 'Brand Protected by' in your ad copy.
  • Publish your ad. The ad should be active to be detected by GetRank.

Campaign Settings


Create a new campaign and on the goal select: 'Website traffic'. For the campaign type, select 'Search'. And then enter your website URL.

Campaign name & networks

The campaign name can be '[Brand protection] Your brand name'. You should exclude Search Network and Display Network in your campaign.

Locations & Languages

Select only locations you would like to monitor. You can't select 'All countries and territories'. We'll follow all locations selected and launch ads if someone is bidding on your name in one of those locations. You can select Languages if you would like to exclude some people in your locations selected.

Pro tips: if you want to protect your brand with a specific ad copy like one ad in French and one in English. Please create two campaigns, one for the French and one for the English. On each ad, select countries would you like to target based on the ad copy you would like to use. 

Budget & Bidding

Set a daily budget for your brand protection campaign. This is something different that usual because this budget will be used only if a competitor is bidding on your name. 

For example, you can set up a daily budget of $50 but you'll not spend $620 per month if no one is bidding on your name. We recommend to allow a comfortable budget to protect your brand, and you'll be able to edit this later.

For the bidding strategy, please select Manual CPC. Our algorithm will manage the CPC to make sure you are always in the first position and take care of your budget at the same time.

Keywords & Bid

The default bid depend of your competition. If you have a lot of competitors bidding on your name, we recommend to adapt an aggressive strategy with a bid at $1 for example. But you can start with a $0.50 default bid for example.

For the Keywords, please add only keywords that exactly match your brand name. E.g. [apple] [Apple]. The board match and the phrase match are not relevant in this case.

Ad Creative

On this part, you can use our classical baselines and description. We recommend to add something like Official into your ad copy.

Don't forgot to include UTMs into your Final URL like this:

Pro tips: by adding 'Brand protected by' into your ad copy you'll show your brand strategy to your competitors and decrease your ad budget!

Launch Your Ad

Finally don't forget to launch your ad, we'll paused it and launch it again when needed.

You are now safe and protected. Every time someone will be bid on your brand name, we'll launch an ad!

Get started today by protecting your brand with GetRank.