Fire and Water Damage Restoration Company Sees 22% Increase in Conversions Using GetRank

June 12, 2023

If you have experienced a fire damage or water damage in your home or business it is an event you most likely will never forget.

When your life’s possessions are damaged or lost you need experts in property restoration and remediation…and you need them quickly.

That is why one property restoration company turned to GetRank to help their brand be more available at the moment when customers needed them the most.  

Learn more about the results of their GetRank experience and how they architected their campaigns in Google AdWords for massive success.

When Results Matter, GetRank Is There

In less than 60 days, GetRank helped the property restoration firm to achieve the following results in their Google AdWords account:  

  • A 22% increase in conversions
  • A 19% reduction in cost per conversion
  • A 70% increase in conversion rate
  • A 62% reduction in invalid clicks

How They Did It

The company was a moderately experienced advertiser in Google AdWords.  However, the extremely tough competition they faced was limiting their results.

After activating their subscription with GetRank they were able to obtain more leads(conversions) and higher quality leads that made their conversion rate skyrocket to over 70%.  Here is how they did it:    

  • Broad Match the Competitive Keywords.  The most competitive keywords were transitioned to broad match allowing for more advertisements to display in their search campaigns, and in particular, their dynamic search campaigns.
  • Turning Off Select Keywords.  An evaluation was done of the underperforming keywords. Those that did not meet certain minimum requirements for impressions, clicks, conversions, or phone calls were simply paused to conserve ad budget.
  • Landing Page Copy.  One of the keys to reducing the cost per conversion for the campaign was to ensure that a sufficient amount of relevant content for high converting keywords was provided on landing pages used throughout the Google AdWords account.    
  • 24/7 Service.  Offering 24/7 service and service agents available 24 hours a day via phone was a top tactic for increasing the amount of conversions.  It was also found that during an emergency most prospective customers desired a phone call to connect with a human voice versus a form fill out.

The GetRank Money-Back Guarantee

Did you know that your subscription with GetRank comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee?  That’s right, we’ll refund your money if you are not happy after using our service for an entire month.  What do you have to lose?  Get started with GetRank today.

Get Started with GetRank

Getting started with GetRank has never been easier. We offer a free 7 day trial, alerts that get delivered to your inbox, a 30-day money back guarantee (no questions asked), and a Free Ad Check for you to see who may be using your brand in Google. Get started with your account today.