Flag Company Reduces Its Conversion Costs By 75% Using GetRank

October 23, 2023

You see them everywhere.  On homes, government buildings, stadiums and more.

Flags are a popular item, and they are very symbolic for countries, sports teams, holiday themes, and attractions.  

Learn how one flag company used their subscription with GetRank to set a record for online sales and reduce its cost per conversion in Google ads by 75%.  

Plant Your Flag With GetRank

In less than 90 days, GetRank was able to assist an online flag retailer to accomplish some impressive results with its Google ads campaign:  

  • A 75% reduction in the cost for a conversion
  • A 47% increase in online sales
  • A 0% increase in ad budget

How They Did It

The company had limited experience in Google ads management and the monthly budget was modest.  In addition, there were tough competitors that advertised on a national landscape they had to compete with.  

After activating their subscription with GetRank they were able to reduce the cost to obtain an online sale (a conversion) and increase the total number of sales by 47%. Here is how they did it:  

  • Laser-Focused Targeting.  Selecting the correct keywords and location made a tremendous impact on the campaign results.  Their budget was able to further by excluding certain locations and user types in their Google ads account.  
  • Focusing On High Profit Items.  Not every product the company made was offered in the ad campaign.  Instead, they focused only on the higher profit items that would justify an ad spend in a very competitive market.  With GetRank reducing the cost per conversion, the ROI for the higher priced items was greatly enhanced.
  • Fast Checkout.  The checkout process on the website was easy to use and fast.  This made conversions for users purchasing via a mobile device increase.  Desktop and tablet users enjoyed the same expedited process as well.      
  • Accurate Shipping Prices.  The company kept their pricing up to date.  This really helped in shortening the time users had to spend on the site to figure out their final order total with the inclusion of shipping and handling fees.

GetRank For Competitive Ecommerce Environments

If your website offers products for sale and you are using Google ads to drive more sales, then it’s time to explore a subscription with GetRank.  Along with a 30 day money back guarantee, you can experience more online sales, lower conversion costs, more website visits, and better brand protection.  Get started today.