Garage Door Company Doubles Leads Using Half Its Budget

March 2, 2024

A residential garage door company turned to GetRank to help deliver strong results from its Google Ads campaign, and to protect the brand of its primary products.  

Because of its agreement with the manufacturer, the subscriber had specific territories throughout the state where its products needed to be featured and its brand protected.  

The Competitive Nature of Home Improvement Services

The home improvement industry is extremely competitive and that equates to strong competition for attention by users in Google’s search engine results pages.  

Contractors can face a variety of challenges when trying to gain traction in Google that include the following:

  • Limited targeting features of Google Guaranteed
  • High costs keywords
  • A display network flooded with creative content from the competition
  • A limited range of service delivery

How This Subscriber Created Results With GetRank

To maximize their subscription with GetRank, this subscriber made specific adjustments and enhancements to their Google Ads account that include the following:

  • Engage Local Search.  Local search campaigns were used that were synchronized with Google Business Profiles that all had phone call and text message features active.  This helped to boost inbound lead inquiries from local audiences.
  • Keyword Targeting.  Using the most relevant keywords was important so that greater harmony could be achieved with the campaign responsive search ads and dynamic ad campaigns.
  • Geographic Targeting.  This was very important because certain brand phrases and keyword phrases the company uses required protections in certain geographic areas.  Thus, they utilized zip code targeting inclusion and exclusion in their campaign settings.
  • Negative Keyword Management.  Tremendous amounts of money were saved by thorough negative keyword management.  By incorporating keywords that were not relevant to the campaign, wasted ad spend could be kept to a minimum and then applied to better performing keywords.

Get Your Advantage Now From GetRank

If you are a contractor advertising in Google, then you need to get the advantage of using GetRank.

Increased leads, lower costs, brand protection, and more are only a few steps away after you register your account with GetRank.

If you happen to be too busy to set up your account, we’ll be happy to do it for you!  Just get in contact with us to get started.