GetRank For When Your Google Ads Budget Is Exhausted

January 9, 2024

There is an overlooked advantage to using GetRank and that is its ability to provide fantastic brand protection and monitoring when your Google Ads budget is on fumes.

Because Google Ads is an auction-based advertising platform, there is serious competition among advertisers to obtain top placement.  As such, daily ad budgets can be spent quickly and sometimes result in alerts being published to the account.  Here are a few that are very common.

Your Ads Have Stopped Running

Sometimes your ads may stop running due to a policy violation.  Often, this alert is related more to your budget being exhausted for an ad group, campaign, or the entire account.

Your Ads Stopped Running On Their Busiest Day

Another alert is one that conveys your ads have stopped running on their business day(s).  Again, this is due to a budget that has reached its limit for an ad group, campaign, or the entire account.

What If I Already Have Brand Keywords In My Campaign?

Fantastic.  You should!

Remember, Google shows your ads based on your campaign settings, goals, keywords, and signals.  But something to consider is how you are factoring in the competition who may be using your brand related keywords in their campaigns.  

When your budget is exhausted, there are some important questions to ask of yourself or of a client for whom you are managing their account.  Such as:

  • What is your plan for when your budget is exhausted and competitors who spend more money get their ads to display for your brand related keywords?  
  • Who gets those leads, sales, and website visits when ads from the competition are present and yours are not?
  • How much do lost leads and sales cost you, or a client of yours?
  • How long can you sustain giving away leads, sales, and more to the competition before it becomes a serious problem?

Get Help Now From GetRank

If you don’t have time to chase all the changes, alerts, and competition factors in Google ads and you simply want a solution to monitor and protect your brand then GetRank is your solution.

Whether you are a sole advertiser or an agency managing client campaigns, GetRank has the solution to help your Google Ads account drive more online sales, generate more leads, get more website visitors, and lower conversion costs.