GetRank Launches Channel Partner Program for Agencies

October 23, 2023

GetRank is a unique brand monitoring and protection service that helps those who advertise in Google to protect their brands, lower ad costs, increase leads and sales, and maximize the value of their efforts.

Now, agencies, marketing consultants, advertising firms, and website development firms can harness the power of GetRank for their clients while staying in complete control.

Explore below the top reasons below why GetRank is the ultimate value-added service to the Google advertising efforts of your clients.

Reason #1– Recent Policy Changes Announced by Google

In July of this year, Google radically changed its policy on how advertiser infringement would be handled in its advertising platform in that it would now only accept trademark complaints against specific advertisers and advertisements

This means that the burden of finding and reporting advertisers who infringe upon the brands of your clients now falls on you. But how much time do you really have to search Google, find these infringements, report them, and then update your clients?

This is where GetRank can truly revolutionize your agency or consultancy.  We monitor Google’s ad platform and automatically launch advertisements when another advertiser infringes upon a brand and uses its keywords.  The automation behind GetRank will save you incredible amounts of time and will also defend your clients’ brands when they need it the most.  Learn how GetRank works.

Reason #2– Artificially Inflated Advertising Costs

Recently, evidence has emerged that Google artificially increased advertising costs in its ad platform by as much as 10% in order to meet revenue targets. In addition, there are now emails released by the Department of Justice confirming how different departments in Google conspired to increase ad revenue.  

So what does this mean?  It means your clients who were advertising in Google unknowingly paid more than they should. And if you were looking for a concrete reason to create an account with GetRank, this is it.  

When GetRank monitors your brand, it helps to optimize the moment when users are most apt to engage with your brand and the keywords you have selected for your advertisement.  This helps to greatly lower overall ad costs.  To learn about how these results impact a business, view case studies of companies that use GetRank.

Reason #3- Get a Greater Ad ROI for Your Clients

In 2022, a report showed that the cost per lead in Google increased for 91% of industries. This means that companies who utilized the same advertising budget that year received fewer leads and sales because they cost more to acquire.

GetRank helps to combat high ad costs by helping you to produce more website visitors, phone calls, leads, and purchases at a lower cost for your clients. Get started with a free account today.

Reason #4- You’re in Complete Control All The Time

Your subscription with GetRank does not require any third-party management to a Google ads account.  You stay in complete control all the time. Simply set up the necessary campaign in the account you want to add (it takes about 5 minutes todo), sync the Google ads account to GetRank (it takes about 1 minute to do), and you’re off and running!

You also can add and remove subscribers from your account at will without any interference and are in complete control of which clients you choose to benefit from your GetRank subscription.

For agencies that require assistance in getting set up, we offer a simple to follow start-up guide and support to help you create your ad campaigns and synchronize with GetRank…all for free.

Reason #5– You Get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A subscription with GetRank comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  This truly offers a risk-free opportunity for you and your clients who may be seeking any advantage they can to maximize their advertising results in Google.

Register a Free Account Today with GetRank

If you are interested in taking the next step, simply sign up for a free account with GetRank. Or, if you have questions about how GetRank can help your agency or firm please contact us and we will be happy to help you.  

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