Plastic Surgeon Re-Captures Leads and Revenue from Competition Using GetRank

June 12, 2023

A plastic surgery practice has used GetRank to not only protect its brand in Google search, but to also re-capture leads that would otherwise have been driven to their competition.  

In less than one month, GetRank achieved the following results for their practice:

1. Over$17,000 worth of new procedure inquiries

2. A 96% reduction in the cost per lead

3. Doubling of the advertisement conversion rate

4. A 97% increase in return on investment

How They Did It

The client utilized GetRank within their well-managed Google AdWords account.  There were specific steps they took to ensure a phenomenal return on investment and increased lead capture when using GetRank.  They include:

1. Keyword selection.  Having the right keywords matters, especially those that reflect your brand. Choose wisely.

2. The Right Ad Copy.  With the sunsetting of text ads, the best advertisement to utilize for GetRank are responsive search ads.  This helps to create a variety of relevant headlines and descriptions that can be utilized to protect your brand.

3. Enhanced Conversions.  Using Enhanced Conversions has helped to assign a financial value to the inquiries received (including website lead submissions and phone calls).

4. Value Based Bidding.  Value based bidding optimized the conversion value and targeted a better return on ad spend (commonly known as target ROAS).

Why Should Your Leads Go To Your Competitors?

When a prospective customer is searching for your company or brand in Google, why should your lack of visibility result in rewarding your competitors with new business?

In the above real example, the campaign using GetRank is the most cost effective campaign in the history of the client’s Google AdWords account.  It has revolutionized how they monitor and protect their brand in paid search and has become a strategic advantage for re-capturing leads that would have gone to a competing practice.  

Activate GetRank Today

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