Why do you need to protect your brand on Adwords?

By Tom Benattar
July 16, 2022

Your website is SEO-friendly when you search for your brand name. Maybe even it occupies several spots on that same results page on Google.

Your Adwords agency, or your Marketing Manager advise you to “buy your brand” (meaning bid with paying advertising in adwords, in other words doing SEA).

Why such an idea?⁉

Why should I need to buy my own brand on Google Ads even though my SEO agency (or my Marketing Manager) is already taking care of my natural referencing?

Why should I pay for the traffic by doing SEA that my website's SEO is already generating? In this article, you will have answers to what you need to protect your brand by buying your name on adwords.

1/ What is the brand bidding?

Brand bidding is the practice of bidding on your own brand words or those of a third party, so that your advertisements appear on the top when that brand is searched for in search engines.

Every brand wishing to advertise can "book" specific keywords that will trigger search engine ads.

Reserving brand names, as part of SEA, is called brand bidding.

2/  Why you should bid on your brand in Adwords?

Control your online presence

Positioning your brand in SEA allows you to control your presence. This is a good way to control the visibility of your brand, but above all to control the message conveyed by your brand.

😎Tips: Adding Google Ads ads will allow you to partially compensate for displaying negative contents. An additional result positioned above its negative links effectively reduces its visibility.

Gain credibility

The presence of a brand in SEA (on Google Ads but also on the advertising network Bing Ads) on its own name strengthens its credibility with users and competitors.

This is obviously essential for the development of brand awareness, but also the conversion rate and / or the sales rate of your site.

Protect your brand

If you do only SEO without buying your brand on Google Ads, your competitors will do it for you! Don't give them this opportunity to gain visibility and traffic that should get back to you.

Add flexibility

Many possibilities available when you purchase your brand:

> Easily and quickly test various sales arguments
> Add various content than SEO to complete your message

> Broadcast a temporary message on the occasion of sales or a one-off event

> Adapt the message according to the geolocation of the user, the time of the search, the audience to which the user belongs

> Do A / B tests

😎Tips: Buying your brand on Google Ads is also the possibility of redirecting visitors to another page of your site, which the page presents in natural referencing.

For instance, for the Farfetch brand, you can see that the ad on the first position is really complementary and give other information than the SEO search:

Virtuous circle for all keywords

If your ad leads to your website with the same keywords multiple times, Google will give you a very high score. Higher than if a competitor bid with your name and redirects to another page.

If you use a smart bidding strategy, conversions related to buying your brand will benefit the performance of other keywords in SEO.

3/ What is the cost? 

  • Do you want an accurate answer? 
  • Of course
  • You won’t have it, and you know it! 

Indeed. Nobody can give a right price, you can contact 10 agencies, you will have 10 different prices. It depends on many factors, even some I’m pretty sure we can call it magic 😆. I know there are no such things in webmarketing, better called algorithms.

Several factors determine the price. 

If you bid on your own brand:

As keywords are linked to the domain, if you buy your own brand name: Google will find you super relevant to do the query. You will therefore benefit from a very high Quality Score and a particularly low CPC (between $0,1 et $1 for exemple).

😎 Tips: By bidding first, you create a barrier to entry for competitors who will be penalized on their QS and have to pay deterrent prices to bid on your position.

If a competitor bid on your brand name:

If competitors bid on your brand name, it will increase your cost. They will pay more than you because that's not their name but it will still increase your CPC.

The more businesses or Internet users bid on a certain keyword, the more expensive an advertisement for that keyword will become.

Important to know:

If you bid on your brand, randomly in all countries, it will cost you a lot of money. You need a strategy to protect your brand in the best possible way, without wasting money.

GetRank.io will look for competitors in the specific countries you choose and trigger ads as soon as it finds one. No stress. No waste of money. GetRank.io handles everything for you.


In conclusion, you would understand, it is important for an advertiser to buy his brand on Google Ads in order to protect it. It's part of a successful digital acquisition strategy.

But GetRank.io is not an AdWords agency. We won’t advise you on how you need to manage your marketing strategy.

🔥 We are your powerful ally in order to protect your brand everywhere in the world. 🔥

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