Affordable Alternative to Expensive Search Engine Advertising

By Tom Benattar
June 12, 2023

There is inflation in almost everything business related these days including advertising costs for advertising in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.  

Even though brands may be under attack from competitors, business leaders need to be agile and highly selective about their marketing and advertising efforts.  

Below we’ll explore two major challenges facing business owners when it comes to search engine advertising (aka paid search advertising).  

The High Costs of Paid Search Advertising

Gone are the days of getting visitors, leads, phone calls, and high value conversions for pennies on the dollar in major search engines because the transformation of search engine results pages has led to fewer available positions for first page placement.  This applies for both search engine advertisers and those who target positioning through search engine optimization.  

The result of fewer placement options on search engine results pages has led to greater competition and higher advertising costs. These higher costs have forced businesses into serious budget decisions that include metering keyword use, restricting geographic targeting, reducing daily ad spend, and much more.  For companies facing more stringent budgeting issues, paid search advertising has simply become cost prohibitive.

The High Cost Management Retainers

Another challenge facing businesses is high cost retainers for managing paid search campaigns.

Hiring a third party to manage a paid search advertising is a nice option to have, if it is affordable.  This falls under the thought patter of not wanting to “change one’s own oil” in their car and instead seeking the help of an expert.

However, the increase in advertising costs and having an additional cost for retaining a company to manage paid advertising in search engines can put search advertising out of reach for some businesses.  

GetRank –The Effective Alternative

GetRank is the affordable alternative to high-cost search engine advertising.  By monitoring Google for the use of your brand, GetRank launches advertisements automatically when a competitor uses your brand keywords.  Then, when the competitor ceases using your brand keywords the advertisement is withdrawn.  

This completely automated process helps to mitigate wasted spend in search engines and allows a business to advertise only when it needs to. Get started today with your GetRank account!