Bankruptcy Law Firm Reduces Ad Costs Using GetRank

By Tom Benattar
September 26, 2022

Would you like to have more advertising budget without having to find a way to come up with the extra money?

We thought so, and so did a bankruptcy law firm in Michigan when they purchased a subscription to GetRank.  

In less than one month, GetRank helped the to achieve the following results for their firm:

  • Increased ad click through rates to their website by 20%
  • Reduced the cost for an ad click to their website by 30%
  • Increased available advertising budget by 25%
  • Increase in inbound call volume by 100%

How They Did It

They utilized GetRank within their existing Google AdWords account to leverage the different features of their subscriptions. There were specific steps they took to generate the above results when using GetRank, and they include:

  • Keyword selection.  The proper keywords were selected that not only represented the company brand but also included a few of the core legal services of the practice.
  • The Right Ad Copy.  Responsive search advertisements were used that included relevant keywords, a strong call-to-action, and a solid rotation of headlines and descriptions that were highly relevant.  
  • Geographic Targeting.  With the campaign, and entire AdWords account, they strategically used geographic targeting for their advertisements.   One key attribute that was leveraged was the visitor location feature within the account settings.  This helped to target interested users who were in the targeted locations versus just showing an interested in the targeted locations.  
  • On-Page Content.  To maximize a reduced cost per click to their website, they enhanced the landing page content on the website to make it highly relevant to the advertisement and keywords being utilized.  This helped to keep the overall ad and click costs low and thus, freed up additional advertising budget for other campaigns within the account.  

Breakthrough the High-Cost Barriers of High Competition

Some businesses simply decide not to advertise in major search engines because they are fearful of the costs when competing in high competition industries.  

GetRank cuts straight through the fear and utilizes unique technology to identify and monitor your competitors.  Then, at the right moment it launches advertisements that protect your brand, automate the delivery of your ads, and re-capturing leads that may have gone to a competing practice.  

Activate Your GetRank Account Today

Unlock brand protection, advertisement automation, and affordable advertising in Google AdWords with GetRank.  To get started, please visit here.