Industrial Door Company Increases Inbound Leads by 16% Using GetRank

October 23, 2023

Industrial doors are extremely important in controlling energy costs, helping to create safer environments, and keeping environmental factors out of shops and facilities.

There are several manufacturers and distributors of industrial and overhead doors in the USA and that makes for a competitive environment for companies seeking to be found in major search engines by prospective customers.

Without major costs or adjustments, one small business installer of industrial doors utilized GetRank to transform their results from Google AdWords advertising.

Learn more about their GetRank experience and how they designed their campaigns in Google AdWords for quick success.

Lowering The Cost Per Lead Using GetRank

In just 30 days, GetRank helped the B2B industrial door company to achieve the following results from their Google AdWords advertising:  

  • A 10% increase in website visits
  • A 17% reduction in the cost to get a conversion (lead)
  • A 16% increase in conversions (leads)
  • A nominal reduction in ad spend

How They Did It

The subscriber had been utilizing Google AdWords advertising for years and had honed their campaign with very relevant keywords and effective advertisements. However, they were looking for an edge in reducing the cost per acquisition from paid search in what was becoming an increasingly competitive industry.    

In 30 days, the subscriber was able to significantly increase their inbound conversions (leads) and at the same time reduce their cost to obtain a conversion (lead).  Here is how they did it:  

  • Auction Insights Report.  The subscriber first used the free ad check feature on GetRank to determine which competitors were using their brand.  Next, they compared that data to the Auction Insights report in their Google AdWords account.  This helped to provide a comprehensive view of their competitive landscape in paid search.  
  • Use Impressions Report to Measure Demand.  The subscriber used overall impressions to help determine the most popular and relevant keywords to use during the set-up of their GetRank account.  This would help to ensure that their advertisements would display to a sizable audience and provide opportunities to recapture quality leads.  
  • Landing Page and Product Content.  Having content on their website that correlated with keyword searches and product types helped to increase the relevance of their dynamic and responsive search advertisements in Google AdWords.      
  • Simple Intake Form.  The subscriber used simple intake forms on their website that requested the bare minimum of information so as to encourage more prospects to contact them.  Configuring industrial and overhead doors requires detailed engineering specifications.  So, they elected to save those details until their engineers were in contact with a legitimate prospect.  

B2B, B2C, Ecommerce, Professional Services and More

GetRank can be applied to Google AdWords campaigns for companies in the Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), ecommerce, government, non-profit, and professional services spaces.  Regardless of advertising budget, GetRank can help increase leads, lower the cost to get a lead, or maximize an existing ad spend beyond what is possible in Google AdWords.  

You Have a Guarantee with GetRank

Creating a subscription with GetRank is easy.  In fact, our team stands at the ready to set up your campaign for you if you if you don’t want to do it yourself.  Learn how to get started with GetRank and how you can leverage a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee today!