Industrial Machine Maker Increases Conversions by 35% Using GetRank

December 6, 2022

A stigma sometimes surrounds B2B companies in the industrial market with the notion that advertising in Google won’t be effective because of ad relevance, low search demand, or some other factor.

The reality is that B2B buyers of industrial machines, equipment, maintenance services, and more are using Google to search, find, and hire quality B2B companies in the industrial space.

GetRank Results for Industrial Machine Maker

In 90 days, GetRank helped this company to accomplish the following impressive results:  

1. A 35 increase in conversion (website form and phone call)

2. A 23% reduction in the cost to obtain a conversion

3. A 0% increase in advertising budget

How They Did It

The company used GetRank with their existing Google AdWords advertising account and incorporated the following enhancements to help achieve the results outlined above:  

Keyword selection.  The proper keywords were selected that not only represented the company brand but also included a few of the main company services and products.  

The Right Ad Copy.  Responsive search advertisements were used that included relevant keywords, a strong call-to-action, and a solid rotation of headlines and descriptions that were highly relevant.  

On-Page Images and Content.  The targeted persona for the company through its search engine advertising are engineers.  These types of buyers need critical information in order to formulate the decision to reach out and request assistance.  The top two on-page factors were high quality machine images and detailed machine specifications (that were also available for download).  These two items helped to increase the conversion rate of visitors on the website.

Good Forms.  Forms that asked for the right information from prospects helped to convert more leads.  With the targeted persona being engineers ,the form fields were geared towards having them fill out information that they understood and felt would be valuable in obtaining a price estimate for a machine.

Tracking Phone Calls.  The company tracked phone calls from advertisements, phone calls generated for organic website visits, and repeat customer phone calls.  This helped to formulate how strong their brand is even for those who do not click on their website from an advertisement within Google.

Fast Loading Website.  Have a fast loading website that renders images and other content for both desktop and mobile users was extremely important.  This allowed each visit to be maximized and the overall bounce rate of all visitors was reduced thanks to the website page load speed.

The Results of More Conversions and Reduced Ad Costs

When a company is able to increase its conversion (leads), reduce its overall cost per conversion, and not increase its advertising budget a tremendous impact is made in the organization through increased sales. Learn more about you can use GetRank to help increase sales when you contact us.

Some Other Industries That Use GetRank

Not just B2Bindustrial companies are having success using GetRank.  Other industries that are seeing tremendous results are plastic surgeons, bankruptcy law firms, and more.

Active Your GetRank Account Today

Whether it’s an increase in conversions, reduced advertising costs, or strategic brand protection; GetRank offers a unique advantage for Google AdWords advertisers seeking to maximize their marketing efforts.  Get started with an account today.