Personal Injury Law Firm Gets a New Lead Each Day from GetRank

July 9, 2023

For law practices, reputation matters.  It’s everything, right up there with getting results for a client.  

Having to differentiate a law practice and defend its brand on a daily basis in a highly competitive market is difficult and can be exhausting.

In addition, there is a strong need to protect individual attorneys and practice brands from competing law firms attempting to siphon opportunities for new cases right from under your feet in Google search.

One personal injury law firm experienced this and harnessed the opportunity to utilize GetRank to protect its brand and to help use it as a tool to generate new cases for the practices.    

Explore below in greater detail how this law practice achieved some tremendous results through using their GetRank subscription.    

New Personal Injury Cases From Using GetRank

In the first 60 days of using GetRank, a personal injury law firm was able to achieve the following results in their Google AdWords account:

  • 20% increase in inbound phone call leads (month over month)
  • Averaging one new case lead per day (first 30 days)
  • 0% budget increase

How They Did It

After doing some simple searches in Google, the practice manager noticed that the company brand name was appearing in competitor advertisements.  In addition, this phenomenon was also occurring with one of the practice attorneys.  In order to address the issue, the practice engaged in a subscription with GetRank and also utilized the following features in their Google Ads account:

  • They Know Their Customer.  Dedicating a certain percentage of the advertising budget towards specific conversion actions led to higher inbound lead generation.
  • Brand Name Usage.  Not only was the firm name used in the brand protection of GetRank but individual attorney names were as well.  Brand protection of prominent names of individual attorneys helped to increase visibility of the practice in search.
  • Geographic Targeting.  The legal industry demands a higher ad spend than others, so maximizing the ad spend for targeted geographic areas helps to increase conversions and establish a stronger brand.          

How Do I Know My Legal Practice Needs GetRank?

If your legal practice is advertising in Google, then there are some very strong indications that will help to determine if a subscription with GetRank for your Google AdWords advertising needs to be explored.  A few trends to consider watching are:

  • Soaring cost per click and cost per conversion metrics
  • Constant recommendation of increasing your budget spend
  • Notifications that your advertisements stopped running at certain times
  • An overall decrease in conversions (form fill outs and phone calls)
  • Insights show that your competitors constantly own a larger share of impressions

Take The Next Step

Establishing a subscription with GetRank takes only a few minutes.  If your practice would like to explore other options, we also offer a Free Ad Check and a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you would like to schedule a meeting with our team to learn more, please visit here.