Cosmetic Surgeon Increases Leads by 46% Using GetRank

June 12, 2023

Following the holidays, a cosmetic surgeon noticed the need for maximizing their Google AdWords advertising and decided to engage GetRank.  Specifically, the goal was to increase inbound leads for those who wanted to change their post-holiday body and discover a new look.

The cosmetic surgery industry possesses fierce competition, and surgeons need to capture new patients from every consultation they can to stay competitive.  Thus, the goal of utilizing GetRank was to combat the high cost per click and high cost per conversion that exists for Google AdWords advertisers in this industry.

Explore below some of the tremendous results that were generated through using GetRank for this subscriber.  

Create Breakthrough Results by Using GetRank

During the month of February, GetRank helped this cosmetic surgeon to achieve the following results in their existing Google AdWords account:

  • 20% increase in website visits
  • 26% reduction in the cost to get a conversion (lead)
  • 46% increase in conversions (leads)
  • 19% increase in inbound phone calls
  • 46% increase in conversion value (ROI)
  • 0% budget increase

How They Did It

Following the holidays, cosmetic surgery practices can typically see a slow period of new consultation requests leading up to the warmer months of spring.  However, during February of 2023 this cosmetic surgeon was able to utilize GetRank to increase website visits, conversions, and phone calls all while experiencing a 0% increase in budget spend.  Here is how they did it:    

  • Highly Relevant RSA’s.  High-quality titles and descriptions were used in the account Responsive Search Advertisements (RSA’s).  This was very helpful when the advertisement was matched with broad match keywords related to a particular procedure or treatment.  In addition, this helped the subscriber to determine which RSA achieved the highest conversion and click through rates for certain user devices.      
  • Good Intake Forms.  The inbound lead forms on the website were crafted to help qualify prospective patients in a tasteful manner.  This helped to increase the consultation to patient conversion rate by obtaining more quality information earlier in the overall process for the cosmetic surgeon.    
  • Strong Policy Management.  Because the account fell under the medical designation by Google AdWords, many of the advertisements operated with limited reach.  However, strong policy management by the subscriber allowed for very few policy infractions that resulted in a continually high optimization score for the account.          
  • Procedure and Treatment Specials.  In order to maximize their offering, the subscriber combined various procedures and treatments into packages that patients could purchase.  This allowed for an increase in the overall value per patient, and, allowed patients to afford more than one treatment or procedure in their quest for a new body.  

How Do I Know My Account Needs GetRank?

There are some indicators that will help you to determine if and when you need to explore a subscription with GetRank for your Google AdWords advertising.  A few are:

  • Soaring cost per click and cost per conversion metrics
  • Constant recommendation of increasing your budget spend
  • Notifications that your advertisements stopped running at certain times
  • An overall decrease in conversions, purchases, and/or phone calls
  • Insights show that your competitors constantly own a larger share of impressions

Still Want to Know More About GetRank?

No problem!  We love helping people maximize their Google AdWords advertising.  There are couple of options for you that include a Free Ad Check, a 7 Day Trial, and a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you would like to schedule a meeting with our team to get started, please visit here.