Gourmet Caterer Increases Leads by 50% Using GetRank

March 19, 2023

After the holidays are over with nobody really has a need for gourmet catering right?  Wrong.  A gourmet caterer who provides award-winning catering services for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, corporate events, weddings, and memorial luncheons utilized GetRank to create breakthrough results in the month of February.

As a whole, the catering industry is extremely competitive and price, quality, and service are all important factors that clients take into consideration during their decision making process.    

Learn more about this subscriber used GetRank to get more qualified leads and beat the competition in what is considered to be one of the slowest months of the year for those in the catering industry.  

Increasing Leads by Using GetRank

During the month of February, GetRank helped a gourmet catering company to achieve the following breakthrough results from their Google AdWords advertising efforts:

  • 18% increase in website visits
  • 22% reduction in the cost to get a conversion (lead)
  • 50% increase in conversions (leads)
  • 124% increase in conversion value (ROI)

How They Did It

The subscriber had been battling local competitors in Google using AdWords for quite some time and was looking for a competitive advantage that would maximize their efforts and ads spend.      

During February of 2023 (after the holidays too), the subscriber was able to significantly increase their inbound conversions (leads), reduce their cost to obtain a conversion (lead), and dramatically increase their conversion value (ROI).  Here is how they did it:  

  • Automated Recommendations…Turned Off.  The subscriber turned off selections from their automated recommendations in order to help maximize the settings in their GetRank campaign.  Mainly, they helped protect the campaign by blocking the removal of certain keywords and to keep it from progressing to a different bid strategy.    
  • Lead Form Extension.  A lead form was used to accommodate users who didn’t want to visit the website to complete their request and who instead decided to submit their information through the lead form extension (now called an asset) in the account.    
  • Custom Images for Ads.  Because this subscriber to GetRank is a gourmet caterer, they had incredible images to use in their Responsive Search Ads.  This helped to increase the click through rate of their advertisements by about 18% and that also resulted in more conversions.        
  • Deep Linking for Sitelinks.  The use of sitelinks is an important feature for Google AdWords advertisers.  This subscriber focused on providing deep links to their website that guided users to the right content and sped up their ability to submit their requests for catering services.  

What Type of Companies Use GetRank?

Companies in the Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), ecommerce, government, non-profit, and professional services industries utilize GetRank to help increase leads, lower the cost to get a lead, and maximize their return on investment for Google AdWords advertising.  For example, some of our subscribers are law firms, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, industrial machine makers, industrial door companies, restoration companies, wholesale jewelers, human resource companies, and more.

You Have a True Guarantee with GetRank

Create a subscription with GetRank is easy, comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and help from our team in setting up your campaign if you don’t want to do it yourself.  Harness the power of GeRank today for your Google AdWords advertising by creating an account today!